Maintenance Services

We have a unique clean water technology and a unique alkaline agents (Halal logo approvas) with the unique cleaning technology can achieve the following results: --

        Very effective in cleaning
        90% kill of bacteria
        To extend the life of air-conditioned body
        Save Power
        Free onsite inspection
        To provide the most efficient service
        Satisfaction Guarantee
        Fair price
        Indoor air clear after cleaning
        Warranty for three months
        Are inspected at least twice a year (depending on environment)

NOTEThis really cleaning technology law, executives and professionals have been highly recognized.

  Why do I have maintained air-conditioning Outcome
Long-term use air-conditioning parts such as cooling capillary (Evaporator), fan (blower), the most rapidly stained with dust, this time blowing out has been polluted air. This is generally easier to ignore the problem, indoor air dirty, threatening human health
2. As the internal temperature and humidity, is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Experts also tells of a bacteria called logionairre will make the human body difficulty in breathing, dry throat, headache and fever. The elderly, children and people with asthma should pay more attention.
3. Exposure to outdoor body, year after year in the wind and rain, there will inevitably be rusty. Shorten the life of air-conditioning of the body.
4. Lack of maintenance of air-conditioning machine is the biggest factor in the failure of: - such as air pressure, wire connections, current and drainage problems. Newspaper reported on the old air-conditioning made the old short-circuit, which leads to a risk of explosion incidents.